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A lot of advantages come with plaiting braids. Braids help to cut the time spent preparing our hair every morning. Braids come in different colors and styles and you should be selective about the style and color that looks nice on you. Despite the cost of making braids, they help you keep your natural hair from breakage and costs of maintaining it. Even though the braids cut you some slack in spending money, it does not mean they do not need maintenance. Here are some of the tips on maintaining your braids;

         Wash your braids once in a while; I believe we tend to get  a lot of that because we often have unwashed hair. Our hair sweats everyday so that dirt, the hair product we used and the sweat tend to clog up forming big particles and the itching of our scalps and is why we need to wash our braids weekly. You do not have to necessarily get your braids all wet. You can dry wash with shampoo and a wet cloth.

        Protect your hair at night; this is very essential. Tie a head scarf around your head or access a hair net. This helps to keep your edges and hair fresh. Failure to do so gets all the moisture sucked out in your hair which can lead to dry hair and breakage.

         Moisten your scalp; this keeps your hair from drying out. The best thing to use is a conditioner and natural oils. Do this every two days. Oils are essential for healthy hair. They prevent your hair from breaking.

         Redo your edges each time your hair grows; after a few weeks, your hair shows a lot of growth. Instead of redoing your braids or doing repair which will strain your scalp, you can just do edges to pull off the new look.

          Stop the pulling and high manipulation; constantly making ponytails, over styling your braids and high manipulation puts a lot of pressure on your scalp which eventually weakens the roots of your hair and can cause hair breakage.

         Do not leave your hair for so long; this is important because new growth can cause the hair to be pulled on from heavy braids or constant tugging from them. Sleep patterns and daily movement can weaken or damage the new growth from consistent stretching. We recommend having your braids for a month and a half. I know having hair for long helps to cut the expenses but not healthy for your hair. 

To learn how to style your natural hair, also to watch videos on hair maintenance or other videos, tv shows and later movies and series without internet costs, Visit www.eeboworld.com sign up to get notified about the Eebo world launch. After the launch, you will be able to watch without internet costs once you; 

  1. Go to an eebo location
  2. Connect to the WiFi ‘eebonet’
  3. Once you are connected a page automatically opens or you enter the domain eeboworld.local in your browser. You are now NOT using the internet.
  4. Click on ‘DOWNLOAD’ eebo app if you haven’t already done so.
  5. After downloading the app, open it and start browsing it, you will find:Movies, Music, TV Shows, Educational Videos & Documentaries, Games and more!
  6. Stream movies while you are there or download them to the app on your phone watch watch them later. Some content is free and some paid for shs500-shs1500 – payable with MOBILE MONEY

File Sizes are small so you can fit them a couple on your phone, and watch them later. Once you watch them you can just delete them from the app.

Where to find EEBO?

We are currently not launched. Leave your desired area here and help us get close to you sooner! But visit our website www.eeboworld.com  and sign in for an update on the time we launch it.


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